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1. After receiving your order through email, we will contact you in the phone number you have given us when placing the order in order to confirm it.
2. All orders are dispatched, as “cash on delivery standard mail” through Hellenic Post Service and shipping charges are paid by the customer. Shipping charges will be declared during the confirmation of your order via phone. We apologize for not being able to include your shipping charges on your electronic order for the moment. This ability, however, will be available soon.
3. The ordered goods are been dispatched within three days from the day that the order has been confirmed.
4. In case that the customer desires his ordered goods to be dispatched via Express Mail, Courier, Bus Service, or Carrier, that must be declared in the “Comment on Order” field of the electronic order, and extra shipping charges are paid by the customer.
5. Customers from abroad must pre-pay their order and the shipping charges, by depositing the total amount in our store’s bank account under IBAN: GR46073005500000000 23343419 and SWIFT: BCYPGRAA. The order will be dispatched within three days from the day that the deposit will be cleared.
6. For certain items (e.g. custom-made hand-painted hagiography) a down payment of 30% of the item’s value must be given. Amounts that are paid as down payments, for such items, or other reasons, are also deposited in the above account.
7. Shipping date for certain goods (e.g. hand-made hagiography), differs, and it is been set upon agreement with the customer.
8. Returns of goods are accepted only if the goods are for some reason defective. The customer that wishes to return an item must declare that within three days from the day that the dispatched order was received.
9. We assume no responsibility for damages caused to the goods by negligence of the carrier.
10. Returned goods are only accepted if sent back with their invoices and receipts of delivery.
11. Items that are placed in their own special box are only accepted for return within that box which has not been damaged.
12. We are committed to replace a defective item with an identical non-defective one, or other items of the same value. No refunds are made.
13. Shipping charges for returns of defective goods are at our expense.
14. We do not accept books for return, unless they are ill-printed.
15. Placing an order through our website involves that you understand and accept all the above terms of use.

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