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Πατήστε εδώ για μεγέθυνση           The Byzantine Patriarchal Choir of Pavlos Fortomas was founded in 1984 by the Head Chanter and Music Teacher, Pavlos Fortomas, urged by his Teacher, late Thrasivoulos Stanitsas, Master Head Chanter of the Great Church of Christ.
          The main purpose of the Byzantine Patriarchal Choir is the presentation and the impartment of the magnificence and the imperishable of the sound of Byzantine Patriarchal Hymnody  as well as the sound of the traditional songs, written in the special byzantine music notation, known as “Byzantine Songs”.
          The Choir consists of forty regular members  and performs in events, concerts, festivals, radio and television broadcasts, in Greece, Cyprus, Europe, the Americas, Australia, invited by Public Organizations, Municipalities, Holy Dioceses, Cultural  Societies, Representatives of the Greek Colony all over the world, etc.
          The Choir, as well as its Founder and Director Pavlos Fortomas   have been honored by a series of Awards and Honorary Medals, such as,

  • Honorary Medal and First Award  of the First Panhellenic Choir Contest held by the Municipality of Leivadia in 1987.  The Panel was formed by Charilaos Taliadoros, Master Head Chanter of the Holy Diocese of Constantinople, Emmanouil Hatzimarkos, Head Chater and Musicologist, Christos Hatzinikolaou, Honorary President of the Panhellenic Union of Chanters “Saints John of Damascus and Roman the Melodist” and N. Georgakopoulos, Head Chanter and Professor of Music.
  • Honorary Diploma and Medal for the 2300 years of the Municipality of Thessaloniki.
  • Special Medal of the Union of Doctors or Medicine and Scholars of Athens, that was awarded   to seventeen  distinguished figures for their cultural and social contribution.
  • Honorary Diploma awarded by the Association of Friends of Byzantine Music.

          After a successful course of almost twenty five years, the Byzantine Patriarchal Choir of Pavlos Fortomas, carries on with its mission, by performing wherever is invited, while also emphasizing on the transfer of the genuine patriarchal style of chanting to the younger members, with courses and rehearsals during regular members’  meetings.
The Byzantine Patriarchal Choir of Pavlos Fortomas is always available to perform all over Greece and abroad, in cultural events, or Church Services, after having been invited. For relevant information, please contact the Choir Master Mr. Pavlos Fortomas in (+30) 210 5243740 or email address .

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